Male Corsetry

An increasing number of my customers are male physique. Male corsetry is by nature bespoke as each pattern is made for the individual based on their unique requirements. Some men require only the feeling that corsetry can give, while others use corsetry to feminise their natural physiological shape and others still are dedicated tightlacers who have been training for years. The initial cost of male corsetry includes consultation, design, and patterning to your unique measurements. We can incorporate an in-person or remote mock-up fitting, or I can simply make a bespoke corset pattern which can be used as a ‘working toile’ - ie: it may need adjustments for the next corset to be made. Subsequent corsets made from the same pattern, will be less expensive as it will just be a case of making them up and sending them to you.

Male corsetry starts at £490.00 for a plain bespoke underbust corset with one fitting. Subsequent corsets made from your personal pattern start at at £300.00. Other specific requirements, are additional costs.

If you would like to enquire about male corsetry, please complete the form below. I look forward to working with you!

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