Male underbust corset

Male underbust corset

from 300.00

Custom corset made from your personal measurements with no mock-up or fitting, constructed with plain or patterned coutil or silk and coutil - colour/pattern choices are extensive and will be emailed after booking.

Please complete the measurement form HERE

June ‘19 Queue update: Currently new projects start in October and there will be a 4-6 week manufacture time depending upon requirements and fittings.

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Product description

This listing is for a custom under-bust corset made to the male physiology*.

The corset can be a plain construction made from a double layer of coutil for strength and durability or a more feminine style, made with silk and coutil. Fabric choices will be discussed after booking - there is always a wide range of coutil in stock and an infinite range of silk colours.

Internal bone channels are made from a fine but strong tubular cotton boning tape and all seams are quadruple stitched for strength - these seams are designed to hold tight!  

In addition these corsets contain a very strong curved petersham waist tape designed for extreme waist reductions and are double boned on each seam with heavy weight spiral boning.  The back is supported by heavy weight flat steel boning either side of the nickel free eyelets.

The corset is then lined with a softer cotton for comfort.

If the silk option is chosen, the corset will be made from silk in a colour of your choice, fused to coutil. Either matching silk bone channels or regular tubular bone casings will be used. This gives a very strong yet durable finish and no lining is necessary so the finish is a little more flexible for those who wish to wear the piece as lingerie.

Price includes:

  • Design and consultations (remotely or in person)

  • Patterning to your unique measurements

  • All materials used to make your corset - fabrics, steel boning, busk and underbusk, lacing, sundries and eyelets

  • Manufacture time

What Happens Next

First of all, you will need to complete your measurements HERE .

I will then send you images of the coutil options we have in stock - these vary from month to month, but it’s always a large range. If you choose silk as your preferred material, I’ll send you an image of the silk colour chart.

Once you have chosen your desired fabrics, I will start making your pattern, and then your corset. I’ll then send it to you by Special Delivery to your chosen address.

Other Costs

  • If a mock-up and fitting is required, the cost is an additional £65.00 - this is available on request.

  • Adjustable suspenders (garters) are £5.00 per suspender.

  • Subsequent corsets made to your pattern will reduce in price by £75.00


* A chap once said to me that he didn’t want a male corset, he wanted a female corset … I realised that me talking in skeletal terms was confusing! I can see why. Most men who corset, do want a feminine shape (a female corset) … ALL corsets will give a feminine shape - unless that is not required (and sometimes it isn’t). So unless you say “I don’t want any shaping”, you will get the archetypal hourglass shape, but the corset is made to the male physiology - male rib cages and hips are different to female rib cages and hips, and also male bodies do not have all the bits in the pelvis that women have, and that have to be controlled a bit more vigorously. Also female hips are wider, male hips narrower. So the thing is this… a ‘male corset’ is built to a male skeleton for comfort but also it is built to give the archetypal waist reduction which in turn gives that female hourglass shape. In other words, a female corset on a male body will not be comfortable, nor will it fit properly.

If you are gender neutral, non binary, or transitioning, we still need to make corsetry to the ‘birth gender’ skeleton as it is that informs me how the corset should fit and be shaped.