Design Consultation

Design Consultation


In-person consultation at the atelier to discuss design details and requirements.

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FAQs on the Consultation Fee

Why do we charge a consultation fee?

The simple answer is because we are not a shop. It is a common practice for designers and artisans to charge a small fee for their time consulting with potential new customers in the same way that one would expect to be paid for ones time in a regular day job.

We find that charging a consultation fee ensures that our prospective clients are truly interested and invested in our work. If we made appointments to consult with potential customers every day and did not charge a fee, we would be working for free and unfortunately that wont pay the rent.

How long is the consultation

It usually takes no longer than an hour, but sometimes it can take up to two hours to get all the details in place and measurements taken if we proceed.

Is the fee refundable?

The fee is not refundable as it is based on the hourly rate of the artist/designer, but it is redeemable against the cost of your purchase should you wish to go ahead with your design.

How much is it?

The consultation fee is £25.00 which is the just under the rate for one hour of time. If your consultation takes longer than one hour, we do not increase the fee or charge more.