Bethany Dows dress foundation

Bethany Dows dress foundation

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Quote and Schedule for Bethany Dows Wedding Dress Foundation which is inspired by the product image.

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The following quote includes costing for a mock-up and fitting. As discussed at our meeting, i’ll make the mockup as ‘real’ as possible in order that if it’s accurate enough to be finished, then another fitting or mock-up will not be necessary and it can be finished and posted quicker so that the main dress can be started in better time. This will reduce the final cost by £75.00. However due to the complex engineering required with the front and back plunges, it is very possible that a second fitting will be required. If a third fitting is required (very unlikely!) then the additional cost will be £75.00. I’ve put November as a target date for completion but will try to get it done sooner than that for you.

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