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Accurate measurements are essential for the creation of a properly fitting corset that is both flattering and comfortable.  It is extremely difficult to take accurate measurements on your own, so please ask a trusted friend or family member, or a professional seamstress or tailor to help you if possible.

*Please note that for ease, I use the same measuring form for all orders but some measures will only apply to custom and bespoke corsetry.


  1. When you take your measurements, wear a well fitting, unpadded, supportive bra, a tight fitting t-shirt or leotard and a pair of leggins or a stretchy skirt - do not wear tight jeans or anything which may cause a 'bulge' at the hips or waist, as this will give inaccurate measurements.
  2. Tie a ribbon/tape or elastic around your waist tightly - so that it stays in place, but not so tight as to cut off your circulation!.  Wiggle and jiggle about a little until the string settles into a position.  This is your natural waist and the point from where many measurements will start and finish.  Leave the string in place at all times during measuring.   The waist tape and the side seams of your tshirt/leotard will also provide many important reference points.
  3. Stand up straight with feet a hips width apart and arms by your side.  Make sure you are standing up straight as slouching can affect measurements quite drastically.
  4. When taking measurements the tape measure should be snug but not constricting.  Do not measure over fingers or thumbs and when measuring the bust, do not put your arms in the air - keep your arms by your side.
  5. Please be honest and accurate with measurements - vanity measuring or second guessing will cause problems and extra fitting time which will incur extra expense and probably delays - Your true measurements really will give the best results - trust me on this.

Optional: If you would like to submit photographs with your measurements they will help me to  understand your build and body shape.  Take pictures at the same time as measuring, of front, back and side torso.

*Please note that for ease, I use the same measuring form for all orders but some measures will only apply to custom and bespoke corsetry.

Name *
Measure around the fullest part of the bust ensuring that the tape measure does not droop around the back and is straight not twisted.
Measure the distance between each apex (nipple)
Measure the circumference directly under the bust - you may need to remove your bra as the underwires will impede this measurement.
Measure around the waist - where your waist tape is. Your ribbon should be resting in the squishy part which is under your ribcage and above your hip bone. You may have alot of space here, or just a tiny amount.
The circumference of your upper hip which is 10cm below the waist tape.
Your lower hip is not necessarily the fullest part of your bottom. It is 20cm below your waist. Measure the circumference of your lower hip, 20cm below the waist tape.
This measurement gives me the length of your torso and from that I can map the height of your bust and armpit. You will need a friend to help. The nape of your neck is the knobbly bone where your spine meets the base of your neck. Measure from here, down to your waist tape.
Please measure at the centre front, from the waist to your underbust - this is usually where your bra band/wire sits
Please measure from your waist down at the centre front, to where the bottom of your corset should comfortably be. You might want to do this sitting down. The average length here is between 15-17cm. For RTW orders this is a check for me to make sure your corset wont be too long.
Please add any other information here that you think may be relevant, for instance, if you have a sway back, or a particularly prominent ribcage .. anything you think may help with the fitting of your corset, or notes on customisation if you have selected the custom option.

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Thank you for submitting your measurements.  If I have any queries I will let you know.  If not I will get to work on them and keep you informed of progress via email.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch too.