Remote fitting

When you receive your corset toile, it will be presented to you ready to go!  This means that the lacing will already be at its widest setting so all you have to do is follow the easy steps below:

1:  Put your corset on with the clasps at the front, and do the clasps up - this can be a bit fiddly but persevere, you'll soon get used to it.


Understanding the lacing system

Here is a diagram of the way your corset/toile is laced.  You will see that it's laced in much the same way as a shoe is laced, but there are two long loops at the middle section - these are called 'bunny ears' or 'rabbit ears' and they control the lacing of your corset.  The top set pulls the top of the corset tight, and the bottom of the loops pulls the bottom of the corset.  Pulling both top and bottom at the same time will tighten the waist.


Adjusting the slack

When you have put your corset on, and clasped it shut at the front, start pulling your bunny loops.  Pull the top section of the loops first, and you will see that the top section of the corset will begin to tighten.  You will need to adjust the slack intermitently otherwise the whole thing will just bunch up.  So when you can see the laces fall slack just twist your arm around and tighten the slack - it's a bit like a cats cradle - pull each 'cross' working down towards the waist and then pull the slack tight with the upper bunny loops.

Now start on the bottom ... pull the bottom of the bunny loops and you will see the corset tighten at the bottom - again, the criss cross sections will start to get loose, and again you can pull each cross working upwards untill all the slack is near the lower bunny loops.  Then pull the lower loops again.

Alternate between bottom and top so that your corset closes evenly and eventually you will have a gap of about 1" wide.  Pull both sets of bunny ears now to tighten up the waist a bit and flatten out the centre back edges.  Now tie the laces making sure that the centre back edges of the corset are completely parallell.

We're now ready to fit!


Remote fitting your corset toile

The back edges of the corset at the back must be parallel before we can ascertain fit.  There should be a 1-2" gap but it might close easily - if it does, don't worry, that's because you are 'squidgy' -  the most important thing is that the back edges are parallel and the corset is tied from the 'bunny ears' at the waist (as per the video).

When you have the corset laced comfortably, wait for half an hour and see if it will tighten up.  Again, your back edges need to be parallel at finish and the waist needs to be in the correct and comfortable position.

Now it's time to take pictures.  Take a front shot, a side shot and a back shot.  Take these with your arms DOWN - ie; when you are standing in a natural position.  I wont be able to see things like muffin tops unless you stand naturally.  

If there are bits you don't like, you can explain these in writing, or use photos with captions to point to bits you want to change or simply draw on the toile with black marker pen.

Do not pin anything whilst taking the photos.  I need to see where it does or doesn't fit so that I can make the correct assessment of how to fix it.  If you pin it where you think it should be pinned, I will have a distorted image and may not be able to ascertain the best solution.  However, if you wish to pin it or have it pinned AFTER taking photos, please do so and send the toile back to me complete with pins.

If the corset feels uncomfortable anywhere, point to the offending area and take a pic and also mark the position of where it hurts on the corset with black pen.

When all pictures are done, send them to me via email to   I will have a look at them and if you need to try the toile back on for any reason, I will let you know.  When all is OK with the remote fitting, please return the toile to me by tracked post (recorded in the UK)  in the envelope with the enclosed pre-addressed label.  If you are outside the EU, pleaase mark the parcel as having NO VALUE.  I will have to add any unexpected customs charges to your invoice but this is easily avoided with correct labelling.

If anything is unclear or unexpected (!) just say/ask/email etc., and we can fix it.