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Nymphe : /nimf/
n. alluring spirit of nature

'They might appear in a whirlwind bringing besotted infatuation'

A seductively shapely single layer underbust corset designed for outerwear or underwear with a flattering hip line to frame the perfectly nipped waist with beautifully rounded hips for the archetypal hourglass shape.

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Nymph is a very shapely single layer underbust corset in smooth silk satin bonded to cotton coutil making it light and flexible yet extremely strong and durable.  This underbust corset has detachable suspenders (garters) so that it can be as sophisticated or seductive as the mood or occasion takes you!  

Enchanting Essentials ready to wear corsets have an incredibly wide range of fit and will suit most body types - please check the size guide for the size closest to your measurements.  Available in a wide range of colours - you'll be able to select your colour further on through the ordering process.

  • Dramatic underbust corset

  • Archetypal hourglass shape

  • Designed to flatten tummy, smooth the torso, nip the waist and enhance the hips

  • Standard waist reduction is 2-4" with a 0-2" lacing gap

  • Perfect as to wear over or under an outfit

  • Top quality steel components with a combination of flat and spiral steel bones

  • Nickel free eyelets

  • Designed to suit most body shapes.

  • Stiff underbusk as standard to improve comfort and shape

  • Small bust (A-D cup) or fuller bust (D-G cup) options

  • 100% natural fabrics of the highest quality


Photo credits: Photographer/copyright: Inaglo photography.  Model: Miss Deadly Red.  MUA : Mandy Rigby
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