" This corset is a revelation in comfort and appearance. I have never worn a corset that moulded to my body so well, I could wear it all day!  Incredible quality and the colour is stunning! If an off the shelf one feels this good I can't imagine how amazing it must be to have a custom made one! "


All corsets and garments are hand made to order in Oxfordshire using the finest fabrics and corsetry components.  Ready to wear corsetry takes approximately 2 weeks from date of order.  Custom and bespoke orders can take up to 10 weeks depending upon fitting, complexity and level of embellishment. Guide prices for each service are as follows:

1. Made to order
A single layer corset of an existing design, made to order from a standard size chart in a wide choice of coutil fabric
Underbust from  £195.00
Overbust from £275.00

These corsets have a 7 day return or refund guarantee - see terms and conditions. Base prices are based on plain or patterned coutil fabric.

2. Made to measure and custom corsetry
This option is suitable for those who want to submit their personal measurements to ensure an perfect fit from an existing pattern. This price includes a mock-up for fitting.

A single layer corset made to order from an existing pattern with your own personal measurements, in a wide choice of coutil, or coutil backed silk.
Underbust from  £350.00 including 1 mock-up
Overbust from £420.00 including 1 mock-up

These corsets are custom and therefore non-returnable - see terms and conditions. Base prices are based on plain or patterned coutil. Estimate around 25% extra for silk.

3. Bespoke
A bespoke service starts with a unique design which must be patterned from your own measurements from scratch, to form a blueprint of your body.  Prices are tailored to each individual and are dictated by design, fabrics, embellishments, finishing and other special requirements.  Each bespoke corset is unique,  hand made to order based on clients wishes using the best fabrics and embellishments available for fine couture.  

This is the option for those who want a completely unique and special piece such as a wedding gown or a special outfit for a special occasion.  Bespoke corsets are always lined and include up to two fittings.  Complex designs and occasion corsets may take up to 10 weeks to complete depending upon embellishments and complexity and include up to two in person or remote fittings.  The base price includes the cost of patterning to your unique measurements, 2 toile fittings and basic components but they do not include fashion fabrics (silk) or embellishments.  

Base price for a bespoke underbust corset is £550.00
Base price for a bespoke overbust corset is £650.00
Base price for a bespoke corset body suit is £1300.00
Base price for a bespoke full ensemble is £1875.00

A note on Embellishment: All embellishments are done by hand. Lace is painstakingly stitched on by hand, flossing is also done by hand. It can take 5-6 hours just to stitch a simple lace embellishment. We tend to use French couture lace which breaks down at approximately £25.00 per ‘applique’ A very simple asymmetric lace embellishment can therefore cost around £100-£150 wheras a more complex lace applique could cost upwards of £500.


Although restrictive, a corset should not be uncomfortable or cause pain either by pinching or by putting strain on the wrong parts of the body - a corset must be constructed bearing fully in mind, the skeletal structure and physiological attributes of each individual frame.  In order for the body to have a smooth silhouette, the corset must have a smooth transition between it and the flesh.  My corsets  are constructed with comfort and smoothness in mind, not only as a finish to the end product but as a finish to the entire look.  Fit, comfort, and silhouette are the main objectives.


Contrary to popular thought, corsets need not be bulky or stiff like armour - if you study an antique corset you will find them to be light as a feather and very flexible - I too believe in a light yet strong and durable construction using top quality materials and components.  My corsetry is recognisable through elegant, clean lines with little or no 'fuss'.  Where I add embellishment it is always to enhance the lines in order to maximise the drama.   My method of corset construction means that all my corsets have a number of unique features designed to enhance comfort and wearability and these come as standard whichever service you choose.  All components are sourced from within the UK or Europe.

  • A core of quality specialist corsetry coutil fabric for strength and durability

  • German steel components for longevity

  • Minimum of 22 steel bones in each corset plus sturdy front busk closure

  • Stiff under-busk as standard - improves posture, shape and comfort and is essential for waist training and tight lacing.

  • Coutil or tubular cotton boning channels for added durability

  • Light construction for flexibility and comfort

Click on each image below to see the full size colour version.